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Security Doors & Screens

If you are looking for a robust security doors to stop intruders forcing their way in then we can supply a range of different options to help aid unauthorized access to..

Windows & Matching Doors
Windows & Matching Doors

If you are looking for windows and matching door sets then we can provide a different range of options to suit your needs. We supply and manufacture hybrid, aluminium...

Access Control Equipment
Access Control Equipment

Know whos in your building with the wide range of access control equipment we offer. Stop unauthorized access by using our different applications we can....

Project Management
Project Management

When security is of paramount importance, you need to get it right first time and on time, with a company you can trust and who offer you free and impartial advice..

Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors are very widely used, offering an Automated facility on a standard swing door, the doors can be either Semi automated or Fully automated. Both are suitable for Existing or New Doors, they are also compatible for use on either External or Internal doors. All at prices you will find very hard to BEAT.

Semi Automatic Door System – This offer’s the option to use the Door manually or through detection or Push Buttons the doors can operate automatically. Using a Low Energy Door operator the door does not always require Safety sensors to be fitted – Making this a very affordable option.

Fully Automated Door System – The door is fully automated and from detection or push button activated the door will Open/Hold open and Close, this type of system requires safety sensors to be fitted to both sides of the door.

A1 Complete Security’s range of swing door operators, can easily be retro fitted to your existing door or we can provide New Door Sets, manufactured in Steel, Aluminium or Timber to suit your buildings aesthetic and security needs.

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